The SC Group is one of Thailand’s leading experts in integrated logistics. Its services range from the transportation of petroleum, natural gas (CNG/NGV), chemical products, and automobiles to general cargo both by land and sea. The Group has its own comprehensive transport network, integrating freight cars, cargo ships and piers, warehouses for general merchandisers, liquid chemicals, and LPG, dockyards, and other maritime services related to shipping, such as pilot boats, tug boats, emergency rescue, oil spill cleanup, and offshore supply vessels. Today, the SC Group comprises over 20 subsidiaries, 40 branch offices, and 3,000 skilled employees, making it the country’s largest logistics network, with service covering almost all parts of the country, and generating an annual income of over six billion baht. Since its establishment, the Group has made major contributions to the growth of Thailand’s petrochemical-related logistics sector, with over 1,300 trucks carrying oil and natural gas. Drivers are monitored by a road safety control system along all transport routes. The Group also maintains a fleet of over 100 vessels, ranging from cargo ships to tug boats.

To live up to its slogan “We Share the Better Future,” the Group remains committed to developing unique and innovative logistics methods to improve the quality of its services in response to rapid social and technological change.