“The SC Group” was established in 1985 by Mr. Nuttaphob Ratanasuwanthawee, Chairman and President, with the objective to become a world-class logistics organization. At first, a transporter of chemical products, the Company soon began providing tug boat services and offshore supply vessels in the vicinity of the Map Ta Put industrial estate. In time, the company expanded into the shipping of natural gas, oil and chemicals to major players in the Thai petrochemical sector, like PTT, Shell and Esso. Subsequently, the business grew to include the transport of general cargo, and the operation of ships, piers, chemical and LPG warehouses, LPG tankers, and offshore equipment warehouses. Thanks to Mr. Nuttaphob’s determination to improve logistics formats and introduce innovations across all sectors of the business, the SC Group is now one of not just Thailand’s, but the region’s leading providers of integrated transportation services, with the most comprehensive logistics network and a history of strong, sustained growth.
Highlights 2023
  • SCM receives commemorative certificate from EEC HDC
  • SC Carrier receives 4 Safety awards from IESG for the 4th consecutive year
  • SCC receives 4 awards at PTT Transport and road safety seminar 2023
  • SC GROUP receives Excellence Safety Performance award from VALEURA ENERGY
  • SC Management has been appointed as Vietnam flag state operator in Thailand
  • SCC receives Operational Excellence Award from ExxonMobil for 4 consecutive years
  • SCOS received 2021-2022, Country President Award from Mubadala Energy for HSSE & AI
  • SCM awarded the platinum trophy from PTTEP SSHE Excellence 2023
  • SCC receives 2 awards from Shell for the 4th consecutive year
Highlights 2022
  • SCC receives 4 Safety awards from IESG
  • SCC receive 5 awards from PTT Group Logistics Zero Accident and Eco-Driving Awards 2022
  • SCC receives 3 safety awards from PTT Group
  • SCC receive Safety Award 2022 for receiving goods 13,885 round without a lost-time accident from GC
  • SC Group got certificate of Supporting the employment of social disabled 2022
Highlights 2021
  • SC Carrier receives Excellence Award from Esso for 3 consecutive years
  • SC Carrier receive Safety Award from IESG for 2 consecutive years
  • SC Carrier was awarded the standard on prevention and solution to drug problems
  • SC GROUP signs formal MOU with Southeast Bangkok College
Highlights 2020
  • SC Management awarded the Gold trophy from PTTEP SSHE Excellence 2020 for 3 consecutive years
  • Commissioning the tug request system
  • Chevron choose SC Carrier for bulk fuel delivery
  • SCC receives 3 awards from Shell Hauler Award 2019
  • SCOS receives 2 safety awards from Mubadala Petroleum Thailand
Highlights 2019
  • SC GROUP awarded for Outstanding Establishment in 11th BK. TECH Open House Activity.
  • SC GROUP got Excellence SSHE Performance Silver Award 2 years in a row from PTTED co., ltd.
  • ESSO's Zero Product Crossover 2018 award for SC Group.
  • SC Carriers grabs ISO 39001: 2012 enhancing management standard and road safety system.
  • เอสซีกรุ๊ปจับมือ บางจาก เปิดปั๊มน้ำมัน ณ บางนา-ตราด กม.4.5
Highlights 2018
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding for container and transportaion service
  • Platinum Trophy “ CEO Contractor Award for SSHE Excellence ” awarded from PTT
  • Co-hosting with PTT in the opening of fuel B20
  • PTT Green Award and Best Carrier for 4 years in a row
  • Awarded for outstanding NGV Carrier in Zero Incident To Achieve campaign by PPT
Highlights 2017
  • Open Mae-Klong branch to strengthen fuel transportation in lower-central region of Thailand.
  • “CEO Contractor Award for SSHE Excellence” award for 3 years in a roll.
  • “Excellent Transporter and Fuel Saving” award for 3 years in a roll.
  • Cooperate with SIAMCSP for full-scale marine logistic.
Highlights 2015
  • Offshore Yard at Sattahip
  • CEO Contractor Award by PTT
  • Gold Award ECO Driving by PTT
  • Environmental Sustainability Award by Nestle’ company
  • Being a member of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
  • Joint venture with ENA, Singapore
Highlights 2014
  • Launch of the SAP program system
  • Construction of a storage tank terminal for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Bang Pakong and an LPG tanker
  • Completion of an offshore yard in Songkla
  • Received an award for contribution to education from the Ministry of Education
  • Won Q-Mark Award from the Department of Land Transport
Highlights 2013
  • Opening of a 7-11 and Amazon coffee outlet at Ban Rong Poh
  • Contributed to oil spill cleanup efforts following gasoline pipeline leak on Koh Samed
Highlights 2012
  • Joint venture with AMT-SA, Switzerland
  • Launch of Titan Composite Tank Trucks for NGV Transportation
  • Launch of Pure Car Carrier Vessel
  • Opening of NGV & LPG gas stations at Bang Rong Poh
  • Launch of Road Car Carrier Service & Auto Parking Yards
  • Best Safety Performance IESG Award for Transportation of Petroleum Products
Highlights 2011
  • Recognition by Exxon Mobil at Global Hauler of the Year in Miami, USA
Highlights 2010
  • Operation of Tindy Dockyard
  • Launch of River Fleet Container Ships